android tv box

Why Students Should Use An Android TV Box

Android TV Boxes have been around quite a while now but they have become increasingly popular with students around the country. This is because most student accommodation have only basic satellite TV such as RTE, BBC and TG4. As many students are big into sport they use the TV boxes to watch their favorite sports shows on Youtube such as the off the ball podcast and house of rugby for example (as the rugby world cup is on going this has become quite popular).

Websites like offer student discounts on a range of their android TV boxes. You can then download a range of apps such as RTE player to watch live GAA and all RTE shows on demand. All you need is wireless internet which almost every student accommodation has in this day and age.

Some other features of the TV box is that they play music through apps like Youtube premium and Hype machine. Amongst the Google Playstore you will have access to thousands of apps so you can customise the box to your liking and add whatever apps you like. Some people even use the TV box for social media apps or even their Gmail so it really does depend on what you would like to put on the box.