Why Students Are Using Electric Scooters To Commute To University

You may be noticing something different this year at your university and around the various cities of Ireland in general and that is the use of electric scooters. Many students are opting to use this new technology to get to and from University and saving on their bus fare each day. We have had people come to us to ask if the bike to work scheme can also be used for electric scooters but as of yet they cannot.

The bike to work scheme for anyone interested means that you can get 40% off a brand new bike in order to use it to commute. It was setup by the government to encourage people to cycle to and from work or university and it has been a roaring success. This has taken a lot of people off of the roads which is better for our road network and also better for the environment. But now there is a new player in town and it is quite affordable.

electric scooters

According to the escooterieland.ie website you can get an electric scooter delivered to your door for €379.00. That is more affordable than most bikes! What puts a lot of people off of cycling to work is the fact that you can get into the office quite sweaty and by using an electric bike or an electric scooter the work is done for you so by the time you get in you are not all sweaty and self concious. In saying that you will not be getting the fitness aspect if that is something that you care about then maybe stick to a normal bike.

Although it has not been decided how to legalise the electric scooters according to forums online if you are responsible with them and don’t draw attention to yourself you should be fine. There has been articles of people been stopped and fined for speeding on them so if you do get one please stay within the speed limit and again don’t be out in the middle of the road or doing anything too silly and you should be fine. This should be a good way to commute and save a lot of money. The range on these escooters is approx 25kms so if you live near enough to University then these would be perfect.