Students forced to use home gym equipment due to Corona Virus

There are not many people who have not being affected by the corona virus. Every age group (especially the elderly) are affected and no one knows how long this is going to go on for. With most students now forced to do classes from home they are missing out on a huge part of student life. A big part of University life is the social aspect to it and although this might seem quite trivial as opposed to reality of what is going on it is still something that students are dealing with.

University Sports Clubs Close:

Of course with the social distance measures that have been introduced University sports clubs can no longer operate and all clubs have no seized until further notice. This again is another huge impact on the students who enjoy everything from basketball to rugby and many are now left to their own devices to keep fit both physically and mentally.

With all clubs being closed things are worse again as of course all fitness centers and gyms are now also closed. This means that students are forced to do home workouts or else go for a run in their local parks as restrictions say that you can only exercise within 2kms of your home.

Because of this many students have had to purchase their own home gym equipment. Whether it be something small like a pair of dumbbells or if some students are more serious they are purchasing expensive equipment like a squat rack it is important that everyone keeps active. Who knows how long this will go on for and whilst many athletes are being sent body weight workouts there is only so many of these you can do before you need to use other equipment. Companies like mestech are seeing a huge increase in web traffic due to many people needing to purchase home gym equipment.

If this lock down lasts another few months then it could be worth investing in proper equipment. Bodyweight workouts will be fine for a few weeks but you will need to be moving weight if you are into physical sports like rugby and GAA. With that said this is totally out of our hands so we can just wait for the next announcement and see what happens.