Students can now get grants for gaming chairs and office furniture:

With Covid-19 still looming large and it is looking like a second wave is imminent in this coming winter, students could be asked to do parts of their course work at home. Although this was the case before the summer this time around students will have more time to prepare. Although this will not suit a lot of students who will not have the space at home or even the technology such as computers or laptops to do their course work the government are offering small grants so people can get the right setup for their work.

gaming chair for students

This grant can include home office furniture such as office chairs, gaming chairs and office desks. Companies like housetech who offer a range of gaming and office chairs are pushing to have this grant come in as soon as possible. This would mean that students can avail of getting some of the cost of their office furniture back.

Something similar is also being discussed for stay at home workers. With a huge portion of the work force set to work from home for the remainder of the year many people are having to invest their own money to get office chairs, gaming chairs and office desks just to have the basics of a home office setup. Other items like printers have become like gold dust in recent months due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Although working from home was a nice novelty for a lot of people it seems that the novelty has worn off and many people are missing the social interaction they have at work. Things like after work drinks, lunch time coffees and other social outings will be off the menu for the next few months at least.