Save money on your commute to collect with an electric scooter

Students are always trying to save money for obvious reasons. Between the financial hardship of paying for student accommodation which has been on the rise year on year and paying for everything else such as college fees, food and who are we kidding by not mentioning nights out students are under a lot of financial pressure these days.

Another large student expense for students is the cost of commuting to and from college. For those that are lucky enough to live near a college and not have to pay for accommodation they still have to pay for commuting to work. Whilst still cheaper than living on student accommodation it is still a considerable cost.

We have noticed some students getting an electric scooter to commute to work. Although the upfront cost is a few hundred euro depending on which one you go for from the electric scooter store you then do not have to pay anything to commute. You simply charge the electric scooter in your home or more likely your parents home and it costs very little in electricity to fully charge the electric scooter. Websites like escooterireland offer electric scooters for as little as €379.00 so they are much cheaper than getting a decent bike.

An electric bike is another good option but considerably more expensive with even the cheaper electric bikes going for €500 plus. Other options include of course a normal bike which is still more expensive. So if you are looking to cut costs where you can this is another option to save you spending money on your commute. In the future the electric scooters may be available on the bike to work scheme so they may also give a discount for students in the future too. Stay tuned for more student cost saving tips.