Is it safe to buy a refurbished iPhone?

As students are always looking to save money this may interest a lot of you! Students like to keep up to date with the latest phones and gadgets to this post is about how you can save hundreds of euro and still get the model of iPhone you want.

Apple iPhone’s are notoriously expensive and it is only getting worse as they release newer models each year. You are now expected to pay almost €1000 for a brand new iPhone XR. That is an insane amount of money for a Phone, even one as good as the iPhone XR. Luckily there are alternatives available and they are becoming ever more popular due to these ridiculous prices.

Of course you can go to a phone shop and get a contract and only pay a percentage of the price for the new phone but you will be stuck in a contract for at least 1 year possibly 2 all just to save a bit on the phone. Of course this is how the phone networks make money so there is always a catch and those contracts can be a real pain to get out of.

Another better solution is to buy a network unlocked phone. This means that you can get an as good as new phone that has been professionally refurbished to an almost perfect condition. Because it has been preowned they are only about half the price as buying a new iPhone. You can now get a refurbished iPhone 7 for just €299 saving approximately €200 when buying a brand new iPhone 7 from your local high street store.

Most of these refurbished iPhone’s are network unlocked so you can use any sim card with them from any country in the world. Truly this is a great savings and you still get an as good as new iPhone.