Useful Downloadable Documents

We’ve got a database of useful documents here for you to download, split into several categories

Seed Funding 2018

Seed Funding Details and Application

From our February 2017 Professional Training Event:

A selection of presentations from CSSI’s 2017 Social Media Professional Training Event, hosted by the University of Limerick.

CSSI Social Media Presentation, Day 1: Shane

CSSI Social Media Presentation, Day 2: Danny

From our June 2016 Conference:

A selection of posters and presentations from the 2016 CSSI Conference, held at DIT Grangegorman on the 23rd of June. More will be uploaded here as they become available.

Live & Learn Poster 2016

Literature Review of Student Affairs and Services – CSSI 2016 (Dr. Brian Gormley)

Professional Development Day Documents (January 2016)

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People


CSSI Professional Development Day 2016


Helping Others Through Change

A Guide For Managers

CSSI Documents

CSSI Constitution 2015

CSSI Membership Application Forms

CSSI Strategic Plan 2016-20

National Reports

HEA Review of the Student Charge

HEA Study into the Cost of Participation in Higher Education

HEA Study on Progression in Higher Education

National Access Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education

The Hunt Report on Higher Education

Other Resources

AMOSSHE Value and Impact Toolkit:

Now more than ever, it is essential that we understand the value that our services add to the student experience, and the impact that high performing services can have.  Our UK colleagues in AMOSSHE have developed a very useful toolkit to assist staff in student services to evaluate their services.

IUQB (2006) National Guidelines of Good Practice in the Organisation of Student Support Services: