CSSI Annual Conference Innovations to Support the Student Experience – 18/19 June 2015

Attendance List (for information purposes)

Presentations as follows:

Trial and error, trial and error, trial and error! Responding to the needs of mature students: getting the balance right with orientation and induction programmes in higher education

Opportunities to improve students’ health and wellbeing through the UCD Get in Gear Programmes – GIG-Part1 & GIG-Part2

Fitness to Study Seminar: A Masterclass from Eversheds Solicitors

Rewarding Change: The REACT Project on Your Campus

EXPLORE Innovation through Student & Staff Collaboration – Co-creating innovations to deliver student and staff engagement (EXPLORE presentation)

The right sort of crisis?

A study of the help-seeking behaviours and coping strategies of International Students from Non-European backgrounds: implications for individual practice and staff training to enhance transcultural engagement

DIT Access and Civic Engagement (ACE) Student Leadership Launchpad: A case study

Pathways to Success @ university programme

Board of Irish College Societies – Empowering Students to Enhance the Student Experience, Sharing Best Practice and Promoting Inter College Activity

Employability and the Strategic Role of Student Services

Supporting the Transition from College to Employment for Students and Graduates with Disabilities

The Importance and Impact of Mentorship in Higher Education

The 1 to 1 Meeting Model as a key student service support tool.  Looking to the future with an eye to the past

UCD Access Student Leadership Programme

Reaching Out in College: Mental Health Information and Support for Third Level Students

Diverse Voices: Training for Intercultural Competency Development in HEIS

The Trinity Global Room – where cultures combine.  A case study for informal integration activities

The Supports provided by the UCC Student Budgeting Advice Service to help UCC students manage their finances (The Supports Provided …. Presentation)

Experiential Education: An Innovative Approach for Student Abroad Students: Enhancing student welfare and retention – Handout / Prezi https://prezi.com/ljshu7xptunq/


Global Summit on Student Affairs Report 2014